R-1 Religious Visa and Employment-Based Immigration 

The "Sunset-date" for religious workers was extended through September 30, 2023

The so-called "Sunset Date" for non-minister religious workers has been extended. This means that non-minister religious workers have until that date to adjust status from nonimmigrant (temporary) to lawful permanent resident (green card holder) status. These non-minister workers may include those who are working in the United States for religious organizations or nonprofits who are not pastors or "ministers." 

Please note the Sunset Date regarding special religious workers does NOT affect ministers. 

Basic Requirements for R-1 Religious Worker Visa 

1) Immigrant must have been a member of the same type of denomination of the sponsoring church or bona-fide religious organization for at least two years immediately prior to filing the petition. 

2) The sponsoring religious organization or church must be a bona fide non-profit organization. 

3) Immigrant must be working for the church or religious organization at least 20 hours a week. 

4) Immigrant must be working as a minister or other religious vocation for the organization. 

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